Company testimonials:

We come from commercial real estate, entrepreneurial endeavors and business backgrounds. Our team has over 147 years of combined experience and out customers' happiness reflects that.

Craig Church's Tesimonials

With his previous business ownership and his brokerage experience, Craig was invaluable to the deal.” — Name withheld

“Craig Church provided the business knowledge, experience and strategies to support me through the buying process. With his previous business ownership and his brokerage experience, Craig was invaluable to the deal. This is what separates him from other business brokers. Craig guided me in forming a team of professionals to ensure a successful and smooth business closing. Craig continues to check in and offer support even after the closing. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone who either has purchased a business in the past or for first time buyers that don't have the experience but are looking to become their own business owners.”


“My experience with Magnuson Balfour is not that of a buyer of commercial real estate, but rather, one who finances such properties. And my experience with them has been excellent. The brokers are knowledgeable and have a great understanding of what it takes to get the transaction to the finish line. Financing packages are well put together and contain the information needed to make a decision. Communication with the brokers is ongoing, following up throughout the process, up until the closing. They make my job easy!!!”

Name withheld for confidentiality

“Craig Church’s services far exceeded our expectations, and our successful transaction would not have been possible without the commitment, patience and guidance he provided. Craig was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again when the need arises.”


“Craig was very proactive. Many things were brought to our attention for consideration in advance at all steps of the process - various things that we should have been thinking about.”


“Craig always fulfilled his obligations without any hesitation - he was there when he said he would be which, in my experience, is a rare quality in the business world.”


“Craig's attention to detail and customer service was incredible.”


“Craig works hard to help clients get what they need and offers good advice!”

Dennis Wheelock's Tesimonials

“Dennis worked tirelessly to sell our property. His knowledge and expertise is commendable. There was never a doubt that he would prevail.”

M.G.& C.G.

“We have been exceptionally impressed with a few features of your work: First, your personal touch in listening to us – you took the time to understand what was important to us and our business model. With that information, you provided us with a few location options to look at, in optimal locations, that would make our brand visible to the community. Second, your ability to adjust to our changing needs without complaint and was very professional and accommodating. You stated on several occasions that you just wanted to make sure that we got a space that would help in making our business successful. That spirit of accommodation is appreciated. Third, we appreciated your negotiation efforts of the LOI and the lease. You did your best in getting us all that we wanted out of the lease. In addition, your service in lease review certainly made our attorney’s efforts minimal. Please share this letter of recommendation with your future customers”

S.A. & T.A.

“I received a letter of introduction from Mr. Dennis Wheelock offering up his brokerage services. I gave him a call to set up a meeting to discuss my options. When I met with Dennis, I realized very quickly that his background in accounting and his attention to detail would be invaluable in helping me understand the dynamics of selling my business. I was a motivated seller but at the same time, did not want to "give" my establishment away. I found Dennis' own experience of owning a small business for thirty years to be extremely valuable. He understood what I was going through, because he lived it, he was able to guide me through the entire process. You could say we "spoke" the same language. I would highly recommend Dennis Wheelock for any commercial real estate transaction. In fact, when I plan on selling another one of my businesses, Dennis will be my first call.”


“I wanted to thank Dennis Wheelock again for all his help in selling my business. I had another realtor before Dennis who tried for over a year with no results. His connections in the business community were obvious as soon as we listed it, as the potential buyers were lining up. Dennis’ attention to details and knowledge of the market was key. I do not sell a business every day, so his help and advice were invaluable in getting it sold.”

Name withheld for confidentiality

“From the minute we met, Dennis Wheelock tirelessly worked to find a suitable buyer for our mixed-use building. He used all available resources, consulted with fellow colleagues, and expanded his reach well beyond what was expected of a Realtor. Dennis' earnestness and persistence were fruitful as we have closed the transaction as the direct result of his efforts. Dennis' communication and professionalism throughout were exceptional! I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in selling commercial real estate.”


“I can't begin to express my sincere thanks for all Dennis has done to bring this sale together. Dennis is an awesome and dedicated sales person and human being. Gardiner is fortunate to have your support and commitment, as is Magnusson Balfour!”

Dustin Boutin's Tesimonials

“"Auburn Housing has worked with Dustin Boutin for the past few years. We needed a broker for leasing commercial space and as of recently needed a broker for selling property. His experience with numbers, logical direction and extreme professionalism has us rely on him for our needs. We consider him part of our team when we begin a project and he exceedingly meets our expectations all way through closing. He is always a phone call, email or text away from getting it done!"”

Auburn Housing Authority


Raynor Large's Tesimonials

“The circumstances surrounding why we were selling our property was a difficult and emotional situation for our family. When Raynor agreed to be our agent he took so much from our shoulders. Every step of the way when any problem arose Raynor would go above and beyond to solve it, or relieve us from the stressors. I cannot even begin to thank him enough for everything he has done for our family. We were not a high-profile client but he treated us and advocated for us as if we were paying him a million dollars. I don’t have enough words to say how amazing he was or thank him enough!”

Scott Balfour's Tesimonials

Scott and his team got to know my business so that they could best market it and find the right owner. It didn't feel like they were just trying to find any buyer. It felt like they were trying to find the right buyer so that the business will continue to thrive after the sale.” — Name withheld

“I give you a lot of credit for being proactive. I’ve dealt with many business brokers over the years with the buying and selling of our businesses and your perseverance to make a deal happen is refreshing”

Liz R.

“Thank you for putting up with my big mess that needed to get cleaned up badly. Thank you for your patience with me to make this a reality now.”

Name withheld for confidentiality

“I wanted to say to you how impressed I am that Scott steered this project right to the end like riding a camel through the eye of a needle. Bravo! He is a true professional! There were quite a few times I was pretty afraid the whole thing was going to fall apart, but thanks to his strength and professionalism it really worked out well. I can't thank Scott enough for taking me to the place I needed to be. Retirement.”


“I shopped around before choosing a business broker. I selected Scott Balfour of Magnusson Balfour because he was easy to talk to. He was direct with me but very personable. Working with Scott Balfour has sharpened my business skills. I have learned how to bring the true value of my business to the forefront. Scott is knowledgeable and experienced. He really knows how to position a business for sale.”

Name withheld for confidentiality

“Scott had patience and dogged persistence in bringing qualified buyers to the table. I especially appreciated that he would take the time just to converse. It was not just business, but an evident interest in people.”

Brian Harger

“Scott Balfour is a hands-on kind of person who takes interest in you personally and in your business. He knows his stuff. Scott came to my business, reviewed my books and asked lots of questions. He has found several prospects but none yet who have all the right attributes. I know he is doing everything he can to sell this business”

Name withheld for confidentiality

“Thanks very much for taking the time to review the information on my property. I greatly appreciate your generosity and expertise. Keeping space filled is important to me. Working with a leasing agent that respects my business is also important. With Magnusson Balfour, I get the attention and communication that I need combined with the results I want. Scott is accomplishing what he said they would. He keeps me up to speed with regular status updates. I like his approach. It's thorough...somewhat old school. But the only thing that matters is that he is doing the job he said he would—finding tenants and leasing space. I've been very satisfied with his effort and results. I would recommend Scott Balfour to sell your business. He is the most competent, ethical, and experienced business broker I know.”


“I was very satisfied with overall service. Scott did a great job of keeping me informed as to what was going on....and also on providing a "push" to others (banker, appraiser, etc) when needed to make sure the process stayed on track. Scott was always great about answering calls and/or emails. I found him extremely knowledgeable and was a great "sounding board" for me during the process. Balfour Commercial was not too involved in processing documents or paperwork…this was mostly handed by lawyers & banker.”


“Scott was genuinely concerned and helpful with any questions we had. He really made us feel like he cared about our transaction.”


“I was 100% satisfied. Scott didn't pressure me, was kind and very understanding.”


“The wisest thing I did was seek out professional advice. I knew that Magnusson Balfour specialized in brokering businesses. Scott Balfour crunched the numbers and gave me a lot to think about and analyze. That due diligence has to be done correctly. The stones have to be turned over. Scott knew where the stones were. I didn't. Working with Magnusson Balfour has given me the confidence to move forward and to turn away from things that may not have been beneficial for us.”

Name withheld for confidentiality

“With a recommendation from my bank, I selected Magnusson Balfour to help me with my commercial property investment. Magnusson Balfour, and specifically Scott Balfour, came highly recommended for having a good reputation.”

Name withheld for confidentiality