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Looking for business advisory services?

Maybe you aren’t in the market to buy or sell. Maybe all you need is a little advice. Magnusson Balfour provides professional business advisory services and expertise in all areas of business and commercial real estate.

“I sought Magnusson Balfour’s advice as verification for my decision to purchase a business. I brought several options to the table. Their job was to guide me in evaluating each one. They talked me through the negotiation process and the presentation to the bank. They gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and the knowledge I needed to recognize when to walk away. They were easy to work with, very professional and incredibly effective.” —Name withheld for confidentiality

Our professional advisory services include analysis and recommendations in these and other areas:

  • Business and real estate valuation
  • Business and real estate listing
  • Exit strategies—You’re not ready to sell, but you may be ready in two to five years; this is the time to develop an exit plan.
  • Occupancy cost analysis—Understanding the real cost with CAMs, utilities, parking, etc.
  • Loan packaging—We will prepare your loan package and help you locate the best loan program for your situation.
  • Space analysis—We can find you a business space just right for your current and future business needs.
  • Lease buyouts—When it’s time to move before your lease is up, we can help negotiate a fair lease buyout.
  • Sizing alternatives—If you’re wondering about how much space your business needs, we’ll help you determine a space that fits.
  • Own vs. lease analysis—From a business standpoint, it isn’t always clear whether it’s best to own or lease a space, and we’ll help you figure out the right answer for your business.
  • Anomaly spotting—Spreadsheets and financial projections don’t always tell the whole story; we’ll show you where to expect financial and business anomalies.
  • Ratio analysis—If you’re wondering how you stack up against your industry’s standards, we’ll help you see where and how to improve.
  • Buyer & tenant representation services—We can help with the negotiation process between buyers and tenants.
  • Negotiation services—Countless business transactions can benefit from the additional of an experienced third party.

If you have questions, we have the answers. Contact us today to get the advice you need to make better business decisions. Our initial meetings are always at no charge.

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