It's lonely at the top... and at the bottom too.

In small business, the owner often handles many functions.  One of those functions is Chief Executive Officer.  But unlike with large corporations, a small business owner doesn’t have a board of directors, shareholders, executive committees, department heads, consultants, researchers and an abundance of other minions at their beck and call.

In small business, the owner may be the Chief Executive Officer, but also the chief cook and bottle washer- having a myriad of responsibilities and functions including: sales, financial management, vendor relations, scheduling, estimates, regulatory compliance, marketing, operations, production, strategic thinking and planning, research and development, human resources, and sometimes even cleaning and maintenance…You get the picture.

But who do small business owners get to bounce ideas off of?  Their closest peer groups are competitors, and that is certainly not a good idea.  There are leads groups, but those only focus on sales leads and referrals.  There are chamber and industry organizations, but they are often too lofty or not specific enough to meet the needs of the small business owner.  Even consultants can often focus in too much on one industry segment or create elaborate reports that might not have the timely, “in the trenches”, local experience that a small business owner really needs.

Well, there is a monthly group forming to act as this sounding board.  No fees, No by-laws, no industry restrictions, and no membership required.  The only catch is a commitment to attend three times.   Open only to owners or partners of small businesses, this group will assemble, go around the table to introduce themselves and their business, and ask for input on any subject. Then, the group will go around once more with an idea that can benefit one of the other participants.

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