Unique Hallowell Project an Example of Thoughtful Development

Sitting atop Winthrop Hill, Stevens Commons sprawls across 54-acres of land in the heart of Hallowell. The campus features a group of historic buildings complete with a central Quad, newly built structures, a mature landscape, and undeveloped acreage. Additionally, the new Fire Station for the City of Hallowell is currently being built on the property. The goal of Stevens Commons is to become a model for mixed-use development, leading the charge in central Maine to revitalize this underutilized area. Utilizing a combination of development and conservation efforts, Stevens Commons promises to bring a significant area back to life by providing the quality housing choices, business retail and office spaces, and public recreational areas so necessary to thriving communities.

The State of Maine previously owned the property, and had sought to sell it for over 10 years. Developer Matt Morrill, of Mastway Development, purchased Stevens Commons in 2016, and has been working with the City of Hallowell to design and implement a plan that is both innovative and community-centric. To accommodate the needs of the community, Morrill has donated some of the land at Stevens Commons to the City of Hallowell for the new Fire Station. Local business owner and long-time resident, Dennis Wheelock of Magnusson Balfour, is representing the property. They are both excited by the opportunities this landmark development brings to Hallowell, as it transforms a previously rundown location, and brings new residents and entrepreneurs, new jobs, and new tax dollars to the City of Hallowell.

The campus includes eight mixed-use buildings, and two parcels of land available for purchase. Five of the original historic buildings on the property are on the National Registry of Historic Places, and are being sensitively restored according to historic tax credits guidelines for commercial/retail use. The rehabilitation is planned in several phases; however, a few buildings are currently available for sale or lease. Local businesses are taking notice, and have already established themselves in the new professional campus areas, including several professional service businesses, health practitioners, and the offices of Dube Travel and Premier Property Management. The range of residential offerings will include senior and veteran housing, apartments, duplexes, and clustered subdivisions. As part of the green space conservation plans, common green spaces and walking trails will be created, and surrounding neighborhoods will be connected via sidewalks, trails, and vehicular access where appropriate.

The Stevens Commons project heralds the motto, “Cultivating community through conservation, restoration and partnership”, holding the creation of a quality natural environment, preservation of community heritage through the restoration of the historic architecture, and collaboration with the City of Hallowell and its residents in designing this development plan, as the cornerstones for its success. With a mix of compatible land uses including residential, commercial business and recreational, not only will a historic piece of Hallowell be restored, but essential business and residential properties will offer quality options for members of this unique community.

Magnusson Balfour is delighted to be part of the exceptional real estate offerings at the Stevens Commons campus. Commercial office and retail spaces are currently available for lease, and some buildings and land are available for purchase to develop within the scope of the Comprehensive Plan. Please contact Dennis Wheelock for more information.

For additional property data and leasing details, you may download the brochure here.