The Ballard Center: A Former Hospital is Repurposed


The Ballard Center, in the heart of Augusta, is a welcoming, newly renovated historical property, that has been thoughtfully restored and repurposed to provide much needed quality commercial space to local businesses and organizations. Already bustling with activity, this Class A building is well-located, professionally managed, and centrally located to provide easy access and care for local residents. Formerly an iconic hospital for over a century, the Ballard Center was sitting vacant since Maine General Medical Center moved to its new facility several years ago. Dirigo Capital Advisors, who specializes in revitalizing older buildings for new use, purchased the East Chestnut Street property in 2013. With plans to repurpose the historical facilities into much needed commercial facilities for the City of Augusta, this multi-purpose commercial complex is now home to several local businesses, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.

While so many buildings sit vacant throughout the state, to see a large complex such as this be refashioned into one of the most coveted commercial spaces in Kennebec County is a testament to committed developers such as Dirigo Capital Advisors. Commercial real estate broker, Dennis Wheelock, who represent the property, says “This property fills a vital need for high-quality office space in Central Maine. The Ballard Center will keep necessary community businesses and services local for residents, and is a phenomenal representation of what can be done when there is a vision for an otherwise vacant building.”

The complex consists of over 300,000 square feet, housed in five floors of newly renovated spaces, and offers sunny office suites and offices of all sizes. The Class A development project is built of the highest quality and energy efficient materials, with the attention to detail you would expect in a project of this kind. Additional amenities include a fitness center, comfortable common spaces, a café, security, and plenty of free parking. The Ballard Center provides a modern, state-of-the-art facility, competitive with metropolitan areas of Maine.

Dirigo Capital Advisors President, Kevin Mattson, believes repurposing our vacant, historic buildings versus building new is essential when considering new development. His passion for projects such as the Ballard Center is clear. “Our hope for the future of the Ballard Center is to build on the past, because this structure has been a staple in the community for over 100 years, and now to create a future for it as an integral part of the fabric of the community for the next 100 years.”

Magnusson Balfour is delighted to be part of the exceptional real estate offerings at the Ballard Center. Multi-purpose, commercial office space is currently available for lease, and the developer will build space to suit your specific needs. Please contact Dennis Wheelock  for more information.

For additional property data and leasing details, you may download the brochure here.