Robert Charney

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Robert Charney

Robert has been an entrepreneur since 1998, and over the years has built, run, bought, and sold several businesses including websites, restaurants, and rental properties. Every one of those endeavors involved risk, adversity, success, and failure.

Because of his background, Robert has a deep respect for individuals who are willing to take chances, make mistakes, and learn. He also has the desire to help those people, and brokerage provides him the opportunity to do that.

He loves hearing the origin stories behind the businesses he represents and also loves seeing the next chapter develop when a business changes hands. Being a member of the Balfour Team makes that possible.

Robert was born and raised in Colorado but spent over 30 years in Southern California where he and his wife raised their two daughters. The family left the chaos of Los Angeles for the peace and tranquility of Maine where they are all happily thriving.

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